Monday, April 28, 2008

I was afraid I wouldn't be too good at this...

Yes, I know it's been forever! Since Oscar night a few things have happened. I will try to catch up.

First of all, this happened...Yes! We are diaper free :-) Yeah, he's a hottie! Then
we had a conversation with Kian a while ago about Grandmas and Grandpas (because believe it or not we have friends who have grandkids!)
He stated quite earnestly,
"I need new parents"
I was taken aback and asked, "Why do you need new parents?"
"Because you are old" he replied.
It took me a minute to get over my vanity and then I said, "What kind of parents do you need?"
"Well, they should be 25 I think!" I'm almost over the crying...

We had Easter and Kian was really into our "Story of Easter" picture wall. we read a little bit about each day starting with the Passover and then he got to put up a picture for the day.
Over spring break Calah dog-sitting and Kian had a hard time deciding which was more fun throwing the ball for Sophie or playing golf on the Wii. He still talks about both!

I also painted Mackenzie's room, but I don't have a picture of that. And trust me you don't want to wait while I go and take one and then try to download it and then try to find it and then try to post it! So I will just say that it is chocolate brown (actually called Chocolate Sundae) and a light blue (called Wintergreen Ash). It is beautiful and suits her new 13 1/2 self just perfectly.

For those of you who know me and a little of my history this will just be kind of funny. If you don't, you may find it mildly disturbing, but I need to write it down so someday my great grandkids will know it really happened: I got a call from my brother a couple of weeks ago saying that my Mom's husband (long story, didn't like him, was a lot younger than my Mom and creepy) had left their home in California and went to Oklahoma. No biggie, except that he had left my Mom (after she passed away last June she was cremated) with
"Some woman named Connie"! We don't know Connie. We have never met Connie, who the bleep is Connie? But it gets better...When I called my aunt to get the scoop (she is the one that Perry called to say he was gone) I find out that he had left Mom and ALL of her things with Connie and Connie was not to thrilled and didn't want to hang on to all of the stuph until someone could get there so she passed everything (Yes!) along to a guy named Dennis. This is a lot of info so I will end by saying that my uncle met Dennis in Reno (Of course, it's Reno) and was able to retrieve my Mom and her things.
Are you getting to know me WAY better than you had ever hoped?!

Calah was planning to go to Sr Prom with her friends and she has now been asked by Camariezz Sanders a guy in her art class. She really didn't even know him but now she is finding out that he noticed her quite a while ago. Cam and his Dad came by to meet us the other day. It was very cute! I will have pictures later.

My brother Lee, his wife Paula, his daughter Maddie, and her son Connor came up from Ramsey last weekend for a visit.

Connor is SO funny! He and Kian had a great time learning to be cousins. In fact, Kian loved him so much that when they left Kian was determined to go with them. Finally Vanessa took him down the street to see how far they were going and Kian STILL said he wanted to walk there! He was NOT happy that they left without him.

I love my bro and his family and that is one thing that keeps me from ditching the Indiana weather and heading to California!

Other than the earthquake that woke us up a couple of weeks ago (5.2!) that is about all I can think of that needs to be said! I'm sire I am forgetting loads of things, but I figured that would happen when I reluctantly started this adventure.

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jendoop said...

Hooray, you're back!!

Glad you've found your Mom, just in time for Mother's day!

Love Ya!