Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Romantic Weekend in St. George

Doug came home from work Thursday night and asked if I wanted to go on his business trip to St. George with him the next day.
First of all I have to say what progress this is because for years I would ask and he would say, "What would you do all day while I'm in meetings?" I know, right?!
So he now gets that I will of course SLEEP or READ while he is in meetings, duh!
After running through all the reasons why a responsible Mother and church member does not just up and leave her life for the weekend, I say OK let's go!
We leave bright and early Friday morning and arrive in beautiful St George, Utah. Doug goes to his meeting and I read The Actor and the Housewife like a crazy woman for about an hour and a half (this book really sucked me in and I loved it!) then I take a nap.
I wake up feeling kind of "pukey". I take a shower and feel somewhat better.
We get dressed and go out to dinner! YES! Really! Out to dinner!
After dinner I feel "pukey".
I take it easy and read until 2:00 am.
I sleep until (I'm afraid to say it...) about 2:00 pm. Those black out curtains are dangerous. I get up and feel, yep...
We have a low key dinner out, but I am feeling OK after I get my mashed potatoes from Village Inn. I finish my book--didn't love the ending so I made up my own--and went to sleep. Sunday morning I was SO pukey that we had to pull over in a parking lot and then had to stay another night because I couldn't ride in the car.
I virtually was in and out of sleep all day Sunday and then slept all night after asking Doug for a blessing. We were able to make it home Monday and I had moments of feeling pretty good then longer moments of feeling gross again.
Today I feel pretty good. Not 100% but maybe 80%
Needless to say Romance went out the window...so much for our first trip away alone in FOREVER!!
Kind of reminds me of my honeymoon...Sorry Babe, I'm just not a great traveler I guess...SO depressing.