Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Night

Wow the 80th Academy Awards...John Stewart hosts.
OK so not my favorite, kind of boring. I liked the 79 previous Best Picture montage, but that was about it.
We started having Oscar parties back in 1994 where we would have a different food that represented each nominated movie and we would have ballots and the winner would get a "prize".
When Babe was nominated we had pork chops...I know kind of mean, but they were good!
Forrest Gump--See's chocolates
Pulp Fiction-- the best milkshakes ever
Shawshank Redemption--loose meat sandwiches that resembled prison food
Lately my family hasn't been as enthusiastic as I am. So we didn't do the party this year. The girls and I watched (even though they wanted to watch "She's the Man" instead) and Doug and Kian were upstairs doing what "guys" do.
I was sad that Johnny Depp didn't win of course.
I was glad that Ellen Page didn't win (too early to win).
I loved Helen Mirren's gorgeous red dress and Jennifer Gardner always looks great!
That was it really, no great moments.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

It hits me...

I have spent my life moving, never in one place very long. I went to 12 different schools. I have a few choice friends from long ago--Jan from 2nd grade, Beth from 4th grade, Charise from 8th grade, Brita and Lori from 10th grade.
But as I sat in church today, it hit me...I know nearly EVERY person here!
I love that we have lived here longer than any other place and that I know people and (finally) names!
What a blessing to spend the Sabbath with friends who commune with God the same way I do. I don't always get to all of the activities that are offered at church, but I always have a good time when I go. I may not be BFFs with every one in the ward, but I love that everyone knows my family and is always quick with a smile or a "how are you doin?" It is comfortable and comforting. It actually has taken a long time for me to feel this way, but I am grateful that it hit me today.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Play group

So today was playgroup at Kenzie's house. All week long Kian would ask,
" Are we going to playgroup?"
"When is playgroup?"
"Is it at Kenzie's house?"
"Does Kenzie have a parrot?" More on that later...
"Will we have lunch there?"
"What time is playgroup?"
"Who will be there?" and then the questions would start all over again. Yes, it is exhausting!
The we got a little storm and there was some chance that school and therefore playgroup would be canceled...Alas, it was not! Yeah!! Because that is too hard to explain.
When he woke up this morning the first words out of his mouth were
"Are we going to playgroup at 12:00?"
Yikes! It drives me insane!
"Is it at Kenzie's house?"
"Kenzie is a pretty girl, huh Mommy?"
Yes, she is.
We had a great time and here is the story I wanted to share...And it's not even really my story :-)
Amy (that's Kenzie's mom and my "want her for my little sister" friend) was looking for Kenzie. She found her with Kian in the tipi with the door velcroed shut and they are playing with the repeating parrot. Kian loves this parrot. Whatever you say to it, it will repeat it back twice in a higher voice. It's quite hilarious!!
Later they had the Lik-a-stiks together at the kitchen counter and later still I saw Kenzie come into the kitchen grab Kian and say "come on" as they walked hand in hand into the play room. So cute!!!
Could it be love?
Of course I didn't have my camera..bad Mommy!
And while we're on the subject, no I did not take my kids out to see the lunar eclipse or take pictures. No awards here for Mom of the Year.
It's important to have great friends for Kian and for me.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sad Church

Wow...what a sad day in Primary today. First of all Doug and I went alone, no kids. Calah had to work (there is a tournament at the rink) and the others were sick. Doug said "It's like we're the old couples now, all the kids gone" I said "Yeah, this will soon be our date night!"
Lots of kids were not there today and our fantastic chorister Amy Hughes wasn't there (her hubby is REALLY sick) so I had to do the music. HA!! I have no voice, but did that stop me from singing? No way! I am such a music maniac and I have no idea how untalented I am. Add to that the fact that our very talented pianist, Cindy Everett was having difficulties playing (cold weather and arthritis don't mix well) today and we were a pathetic team!
I should mention my Utah primary music story. I was called to be the music leader in primary in Utah--NEVER done it before! I thought they were crazy, turns out they were just desperate. However, I persevered and fudged my way through about 3 months of leading the music. I was so impressed with our pianist though. He was so creative and always seemed to know what I needed and how to make the songs sound fantastic. He was very quiet and just did the job. He never tried to tell me how wrong I was (I did have one woman do that in a "nice" way, ha!)
Anyway, about 3 months later we went to the 150 year celebration at BYU and as we're waiting for the program to start I'm looking through the program and I see several songs with the words "Arranged by Mack Wilberg" next to them. I about passed out...THAT was my pianist!! Me being a non-Utah Mormon had NO idea who he was. He was just Brother Wilberg patient, talented pianist. Let me tell you, leading the music that next Sunday was TERRIFYING until I realized that he was not there to criticize or be the music director. He was there to cover up my flaws, help the kids sound great and enjoy playing for us. I learned a great lesson during those 2 years and I still get excited when I see him on Sundays with the MoTab :-)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Random thoughts

I have a friend who did a cartwheel on the Golden Gate Bridge. I once stalked (OK followed...) Donny Osmond at an outdoor mall in Provo.
Most people would not believe that a ham and cheese salad could be life-changing...They have never been to Fredrico's!

My entire family has been sick this week. Since it was my goal to get something written finally you are stuck with my random thoughts because nothing else happened except a lot of coughing and sneezing. Boring!
I did break my toe on Sunday and Calah took a picture for my blog, but I'm not sure anyone wants to see that!