Sunday, February 24, 2008

It hits me...

I have spent my life moving, never in one place very long. I went to 12 different schools. I have a few choice friends from long ago--Jan from 2nd grade, Beth from 4th grade, Charise from 8th grade, Brita and Lori from 10th grade.
But as I sat in church today, it hit me...I know nearly EVERY person here!
I love that we have lived here longer than any other place and that I know people and (finally) names!
What a blessing to spend the Sabbath with friends who commune with God the same way I do. I don't always get to all of the activities that are offered at church, but I always have a good time when I go. I may not be BFFs with every one in the ward, but I love that everyone knows my family and is always quick with a smile or a "how are you doin?" It is comfortable and comforting. It actually has taken a long time for me to feel this way, but I am grateful that it hit me today.

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Sara said...

We are so lucky to get you!