Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 23rd wedding anniversary!
August 22, 1985 we were married in the Jordan River temple in Sandy, Utah.

I would love to say that every day has been happiness and bliss, but come on...23 years!?
I would love to say that we didn't have a huge argument the night before and that I was wondering if I might be making a mistake.
I can say that Doug is the best husband in the world and that I did not make a mistake, I made the best decision of my life.

I can say that through all of the bad times we have been made stronger and become more committed to our eternal family. I can say that the good times have been great!
I can say, "Boy have we changed!"
My husband is funny, he is sweet and generous to me, he loves kids (especially his own!) he is so genuine and loving and loves the Lord. We have had a great marriage with lots of spiritual experiences to remind us of how blessed we have been.
Everyday a picnic? Not even close, but every day has made us closer and more in love (sorry kids, didn't mean to gross you out:-)
Also did I mention that he looked exactly like Luke Spencer? Who wouldn't be in love?

One more Doug kissed me to wish me Happy Anniversary and Kian yells, "Hey, don't kiss my girl!"
Ahhhhh, bliss!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vampire Prom 2008

So I think everyone and their brother is reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. OK maybe not my brother, but he has heard of them!
I hadn't met anyone who had read Twilight when I got it for Calah for her birthday couple of years ago. I admit I was immediately sucked in, it might have had something to do with the fact that it is a high school romance and my high school boyfriend had a fairly intense interest in Vampires.
So fast forward (no, not from high school but from Calah's birthday) to the continuing saga and the release party on August 1 for the final book "Breaking Dawn".
I was taking Mackenzie and her BFF Katie and was asked quite passionately,
"You're not going to hang around with us are you?!"
Hel-lo! It's me-- in a book store-- without Doug or Kian! What do you mean me hang around with YOU??
But secretly I think Calah wanted to go as well so she said she'd go so I'd have someone to hang out with...dang...Oh well. I love hanging out with Calah so it'll be fine. Plus Calah thought since it was a "Prom" she wanted to dress up. So she wore her Homecoming dress (Yes! the one I made in 13 hours!!) her black/red lipstick and her combat boots. She looked lovely :-)
While we were sitting not quite in the Starbucks Cafe-which BTW does NOT take Starbucks gift cards--one of the B&N workers comes to ask Calah if she could put Calah in the Prom Court! Calah said in her way "Um, sure..." and the woman said "You look great!"
So the three couples line up while everyone galks (is that a word? If so I have no idea how to spell it) and votes. Well, Rock the Vote!!! Calah won!!

This is Calah and the Prom King...yeah.

She thinks this one looks "creepy". I think it shows her enthusiasm for Edward and all things "vampire".
She got a crown, a sash, some black flowers with one red rose, a journal, a collection of stories called "Prom Dates from Hell", Red Hot candies, a Breaking Dawn T shirt and most importantly...Dark Chocolate Raspberry Godiva Chocolate!!! Go my vampire girl!