Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 23rd wedding anniversary!
August 22, 1985 we were married in the Jordan River temple in Sandy, Utah.

I would love to say that every day has been happiness and bliss, but come on...23 years!?
I would love to say that we didn't have a huge argument the night before and that I was wondering if I might be making a mistake.
I can say that Doug is the best husband in the world and that I did not make a mistake, I made the best decision of my life.

I can say that through all of the bad times we have been made stronger and become more committed to our eternal family. I can say that the good times have been great!
I can say, "Boy have we changed!"
My husband is funny, he is sweet and generous to me, he loves kids (especially his own!) he is so genuine and loving and loves the Lord. We have had a great marriage with lots of spiritual experiences to remind us of how blessed we have been.
Everyday a picnic? Not even close, but every day has made us closer and more in love (sorry kids, didn't mean to gross you out:-)
Also did I mention that he looked exactly like Luke Spencer? Who wouldn't be in love?

One more Doug kissed me to wish me Happy Anniversary and Kian yells, "Hey, don't kiss my girl!"
Ahhhhh, bliss!


Sara said...

Happy day to the both of you! I love the pictures.

Brita said...

Happy Anniversary Doug and Caren. I am happy to remember being able to spend that time with you both as we went to all the events for your wedding. I feel lucky to have gained Doug as a friend too. It was a great time with many special memories for me that I always take time to recall - it's kinda my anniversary time too of that important time. Much love to the two of you, although you have so much between you already! Love, Brita

jendoop said...

Congrats! So happy you got together, I can't imagine either of you without the other :) But that doesn't mean you can come to ya-ya weekend Doug.
Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Jaime said...

Happy Anniversary. I love the pictures and I LOVE what Kian said. How cute is that? Congrats to both of you