Thursday, July 30, 2009

What We Have to Lose

So it looks like we will be moving to Provo Utah which we are fairly excited about. However, as we continuously learn, "no income" has it's own punishments. In this case, we will have to let our pets go. Since Doug is still looking for a job when we get there we will be staying with someone in Doug's family. Any takers?! ;0)

So we will have to find homes for our wonderful family pets Murphy, Zoe and Goldie.
Murphy is a 4 1/2 year old pure Maltese. His birthday is August 1, 2005. He is small, loves to cuddle, chase a ball and has a great personality. He is crate-trained and is happy just to have attention. He's kind of a baby :0)
He has been fixed and is current on shots.

Kian and Murphy

Goldie is our beautiful one year old medium hair Tortie. Her birthday is June 4, 2008
She is fixed, litter-trained and is front declawed. She is a gorgeous Diva, but not antisocial. She just loves to know that she is the princess. She loves to be petted and scratched and wants her water fresh! She does not require daily brushing but she does have wonderfully soft fur. She's probably love a good brushing though.
We have another wonderful cat named Zoe, but I don't have a picture. She is a black and white short hair cat about 6 years old. Her birthday is January17, 2003. She is fixed, litter-trained and front declawed. She is SO loving and easy going. She is not uppity like many cats are. She will LOVE to sleep curled up next to you!

Our lives have had so many down-turns and this is just another. It is very difficult for us and we really want to be able to "approve" our pet's new homes. It is just impossible to keep them when we don't know what our living arrangements will be.

We know that making this move is the right thing for our family and we are looking forward to being nearer to our respective families. We are going to go ahead now so that Kian and Mackenzie can start school there rather than switching later. Moving is hard enough on a teenager so we are trying to soften the blow :-)
Please consider keeping a part of us with you!! Or if you can recommend a home. I'd really be grateful!!

Life is an adventure, but sometimes it requires sacrifice. This is what we have to lose...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

And Another Thing...

If you are reading my blog and are not clicking on Vanessa's name in "My Blogging Friends" on the right, you do not know what you are missing!!
She has the BEST posts. You will not be disappointed!
I'm really not biased at all...Awesome.

Kian's Quote Today

Last night for dinner Calah made French toast...I know!!!
It was wonderful~made more so because I did not have to cook.
As Kian was licking his lips and making Yummy noises, he says "Calah, thank you for making this French toast!!! It's so.....................Distinguished!"
Gotta love that vocabulary even if the meaning is lost to him :-)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kian's Quotes...again!

Kian was having a "challenging" day on Sunday. He was very tired and actually fell asleep in Sacrament Meeting!
So that evening he had been in trouble many times. Finally as he was supposed to be getting into bed and he had some other things he "needed" to do, Vanessa in her amazing way, was trying to talk to him about his behavior and being nice to Mommy, she works very hard for you, you need to listen to her... then we look over at him and we hear,
"HUH-shooooooooo!" FAKE snoring!!!!!!!!!!!
Little booger :-)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kian's Quote of the Day

Actually there are two of them and they both occurred while driving Savanna to the airport today. We passed three police cars in about 2 miles of each other and Calah being Calah says, "Hey, it's the Po-Po!" About 10 seconds later Kian says "I don't like the Po-Po, I only like hobos!"

Later as we listened to Savage Garden on Savanna's iPod, a song came on and Kian says "When I was um about 2 I really liked this song". As if it were so yesterday! Not to mention it was a song that he had never heard before!!!

Gotta love the quote of the day :-)