Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kian's Quotes...again!

Kian was having a "challenging" day on Sunday. He was very tired and actually fell asleep in Sacrament Meeting!
So that evening he had been in trouble many times. Finally as he was supposed to be getting into bed and he had some other things he "needed" to do, Vanessa in her amazing way, was trying to talk to him about his behavior and being nice to Mommy, she works very hard for you, you need to listen to her... then we look over at him and we hear,
"HUH-shooooooooo!" FAKE snoring!!!!!!!!!!!
Little booger :-)


The Miranda's said...

we all love the little attitude of a 5 year old, right?!?

Jaime said...

Sweet little Kian with attitude....are you kidding me? I hate it when that transition takes place and leaves you going, WHAT?!? Good for Vanessa. I remember as a kid trying to talk some sense into my brothers....only later did I learn that they were listening.
Hang in there...I suspect a few more attitude moments.