Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kian's Quote of the Day

Actually there are two of them and they both occurred while driving Savanna to the airport today. We passed three police cars in about 2 miles of each other and Calah being Calah says, "Hey, it's the Po-Po!" About 10 seconds later Kian says "I don't like the Po-Po, I only like hobos!"

Later as we listened to Savage Garden on Savanna's iPod, a song came on and Kian says "When I was um about 2 I really liked this song". As if it were so yesterday! Not to mention it was a song that he had never heard before!!!

Gotta love the quote of the day :-)

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The Miranda's said...

lol..Kian's so great...Courtney loves to "talk about the old times" too...