Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

My life has not always been easy. Who's has, right? But I am blessed to have good friends all along the way. You would think that would be hard for a girl who moved every year, sometimes more than once a year. But I have good friends and one of them is Kim. She just "gets it"--the whole ugly past 4 years that have been crap.
She is my BFF, my fellow Ya Ya, and she was here from Arizona this last week. She used to live here and when we first met I was astonished at how much we had in common. Including, at the time, three daughters!! Now she has a 4th daughter and I have Kian.
Anyway, Kim was here and I cleared EVERYTHING off my calendar for TWO days. I told my kids to pretend I was away on vacation!
You've got to love a friend who takes me to lunch here--

Then says "Let's get pedicures!"
Um, well, I...
"Come on we're going, don't worry about it."
Don't worry about it?! That is music to my ears, All I've done since 2005 is worry about it!!

Then we meet up with the other Ya Yas that are still in Indiana here for dinner. She suggested the Blue Cheese Crumble salad and it was delicious! So thank you again.

It felt so normal to be doing normal things like going out with friends. For two days I was the girl who could go and have fun and not think about all the crap that is my life right now.
On Thursday night LATE we even piled into her car with Calah and Savanna and Kenzie and we drove to the drive-through at Steak and Shake. We sang and laughed at the top of our lungs and we flirted with the "awkward" teenager at the window. It was awesome!!

Thank you my friend for bringing some sunshine into my life and letting me to enjoy some normal days without making me feel like a complete loser. Thank you for being who you are and always feeling comfortable with me and allowing me to do the same.
It made all the difference to me!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! what a write up-LOVE IT!! I too, was grateful for our time together-I hadn't felt "Normal" either in a really long time. So, it was therapy for me too! Thank you for being my friend and letting me just be me.
I love you!