Sunday, June 7, 2009

Powerball Anyone?

OK so I'm pretty sure it's not OK to pray for a Powerball win, but at this point it is seriously the ONLY way I see to resolve our situation. I am not exaggerating or over-stating.
These are the facts:
Moving van and driving 1351 miles? $1768
Fuel, food and sleeping? $875 (we need new tires)
Moving into Gramma's basement? one dog, two cats (not to mention sanity...everyone's!)
Winning the Powerball and doing it our way? Priceless!!

Isn't it time for things to turn around?
Isn't it time for tears of joy rather than tears of desperation?
Yeah, I thought so...

1 comment:

jendoop said...


poopy yucky poop.

There have got to be good things coming for you. Just take it a step at a time.