Friday, February 22, 2008

Play group

So today was playgroup at Kenzie's house. All week long Kian would ask,
" Are we going to playgroup?"
"When is playgroup?"
"Is it at Kenzie's house?"
"Does Kenzie have a parrot?" More on that later...
"Will we have lunch there?"
"What time is playgroup?"
"Who will be there?" and then the questions would start all over again. Yes, it is exhausting!
The we got a little storm and there was some chance that school and therefore playgroup would be canceled...Alas, it was not! Yeah!! Because that is too hard to explain.
When he woke up this morning the first words out of his mouth were
"Are we going to playgroup at 12:00?"
Yikes! It drives me insane!
"Is it at Kenzie's house?"
"Kenzie is a pretty girl, huh Mommy?"
Yes, she is.
We had a great time and here is the story I wanted to share...And it's not even really my story :-)
Amy (that's Kenzie's mom and my "want her for my little sister" friend) was looking for Kenzie. She found her with Kian in the tipi with the door velcroed shut and they are playing with the repeating parrot. Kian loves this parrot. Whatever you say to it, it will repeat it back twice in a higher voice. It's quite hilarious!!
Later they had the Lik-a-stiks together at the kitchen counter and later still I saw Kenzie come into the kitchen grab Kian and say "come on" as they walked hand in hand into the play room. So cute!!!
Could it be love?
Of course I didn't have my camera..bad Mommy!
And while we're on the subject, no I did not take my kids out to see the lunar eclipse or take pictures. No awards here for Mom of the Year.
It's important to have great friends for Kian and for me.

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Traci said...

I still nominate you for Mom of the Year. You are awesome. According to Sid, you are a better mother for having let your kids get enough sleep and not subjecting your husband to grouchy, eclipse-affected children the next day!