Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Romantic Weekend in St. George

Doug came home from work Thursday night and asked if I wanted to go on his business trip to St. George with him the next day.
First of all I have to say what progress this is because for years I would ask and he would say, "What would you do all day while I'm in meetings?" I know, right?!
So he now gets that I will of course SLEEP or READ while he is in meetings, duh!
After running through all the reasons why a responsible Mother and church member does not just up and leave her life for the weekend, I say OK let's go!
We leave bright and early Friday morning and arrive in beautiful St George, Utah. Doug goes to his meeting and I read The Actor and the Housewife like a crazy woman for about an hour and a half (this book really sucked me in and I loved it!) then I take a nap.
I wake up feeling kind of "pukey". I take a shower and feel somewhat better.
We get dressed and go out to dinner! YES! Really! Out to dinner!
After dinner I feel "pukey".
I take it easy and read until 2:00 am.
I sleep until (I'm afraid to say it...) about 2:00 pm. Those black out curtains are dangerous. I get up and feel, yep...
We have a low key dinner out, but I am feeling OK after I get my mashed potatoes from Village Inn. I finish my book--didn't love the ending so I made up my own--and went to sleep. Sunday morning I was SO pukey that we had to pull over in a parking lot and then had to stay another night because I couldn't ride in the car.
I virtually was in and out of sleep all day Sunday and then slept all night after asking Doug for a blessing. We were able to make it home Monday and I had moments of feeling pretty good then longer moments of feeling gross again.
Today I feel pretty good. Not 100% but maybe 80%
Needless to say Romance went out the window...so much for our first trip away alone in FOREVER!!
Kind of reminds me of my honeymoon...Sorry Babe, I'm just not a great traveler I guess...SO depressing.


Jaime said...

Really...I can't believe you didn't feel good. It was hilarious reading Vanessa post about the same time while you were away. Well I think you just need more practice so tag along next time and the next...

Sheena said...

Sorry to hear you were sick, but at least you did get to go and read a good book. I love that you made up your own ending, I do that as well. Anyway just stumbled upon your blog so thought I would leave a comment. Have a great day! :)

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