Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Obviously it has been months since I have posted and actually, a lot has been going on. At first I was just lazy and then our computer was acting up and I didn't want to post without being able to use pictures and then I kind of forgot about it...for awhile.

Now I have a new computer and I was afraid to try to learn how to get the photos, but I am going to give it a whirl...

One of the big days gone by is--
February 26

First it was Yellow belt test day in karate. The Dojo was packed, but the kids did great and Kian got his yellow belt! There is an actual ceremony for changing your belt and it was quite interesting and we were SO excited!

We went to Pirate Island after to celebrate. It is a really cool pizza place that had good pizza, waiters dressed like Jack Sparrow and great entertainment.

Calah got a baloon parrot and looked a lot like a true pirate which was good because she was trying to get a date with our Captain jack waiter...I even wrote her name and number on our reciept, but alas, he never called...Just like a pirate not to call!

Later that same night Kian lost his first tooth!  We only discovered that it was loose a couple of days before and he was terrified that it would come out in his sleep and he would swallow it. So he decided to let Vanessa pull it out and it took a nanosecond and hardly bled at all.

The next thing that happened is that his composition was chosen by the Rock Canyon PTA as First Place winner for kindergarten!  He got to read his essay at Barnes and Noble in Orem. He was the very first one to do it too and when he got done he came running back to me and said,
"Mom! I wasn't even nervous!!"

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Jaime said...

Yeah for updated posts. I'm sorry I missed you when you were in town but it is so good to see and hear how well you are doing! Congrats to Kian!
Hugs from Fishers.