Thursday, July 29, 2010


I don't know why, but Kian has become obsessed with allergies.
For the last week he has asked me,
"Mom what am I allergic to?"
"Honey, you're not allergic to anything".
"Well, Vanessa is allergic to tomatoes"
"Yes, she is"
A couple of days later...
"Mom, I'm allergic to peanuts"

"What?! NO, you're not and don't say that out loud, people will FREAK out!" :-)
Last night as I was making dinner he wants to paint his toe nails because if they are shiny he will have good luck. OK, whatever... As I was busy I was a little distracted so he decided to really get my attention...
"Mom, guess what I'm allergic to????  Feet!"

"Yep, I'm allergic to feet", he said with a nod.
Today, the cream soda made his nose itch and tickle so he thought he must be allergic to that.
Tonight he asked me to scratch his back and as the itch traveled all over and he became itchier he said'
"Wow, I'm itchy all over. Maybe I'm allergic to YOU!!"
Oh good grief...


The Miranda's said...

that is too funny! I love the crazy things kids come up with!

Jaime said...

I am still laughing! I love Kian. He makes me laugh. Although I'm pretty sure he couldn't be allergic to you:-)