Monday, July 26, 2010

25th Anniversary or 29th Birthday?!

 If you are on Facebook I apologize for bringing up the subject again...but I can become a woman obsessed. For a long time I have wanted a white gold or platinum ring. My wedding ring is gold, but once I started making my own jewelry I have been wearing a lot of silver so I thought it would be fun to have one I could wear with silver.  I know, fairly self-indulgent, but there you go.
I mentioned to Doug that there was a sapphire ring at Macy's that I liked and I showed it to him and he was like,
"Really? You like that?"
Hey, yes I do, what's wrong with it??
Vanessa says, "You should get it now, there is a HUGE sale".
Doug was in a generous mood and said I should go ahead and try it on.

I did and I loved it!! It looked so beautiful and not as glam-wow as you would think. He liked it too, until he saw the price :-)
But Vanessa's co-worker gave me the lowdown on the SALE and it was pretty impressive.  I tried on a few more sapphires to be sure.
Then the helpful co-worker, after commenting on how nice it is to help shoppers who have good taste, decided to share his favorite ring in the case right now...


It is one and a half carats of diamonds...Chocolate diamonds!! The two things I love the best...Yummy! It looks huge, but on my hand it looked perfect.
Now my quandary is that they are nearly identical in price so do I choose my birthstone in the kind of medieval style I love or do I choose the delicious and different chocolate...I do wear a lot of brown. But it is more modern.
So by posting the pictures here I can see them side by side and try to decide which one I would choose if
Doug decides to splurge on me for one of the upcoming special days...And if it were nestled in a box of these--

So much the better :-D
 Now you know my Love Language is GIFTS, oh and CHOCOLATE!
Oh well...

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