Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The way things were..1962

Today is my birthday...yikes, how can I possibly be this close to 50?
In order to amuse myself I decided to play the Numbers Game. Here it is...


Number of places I have lived (not to be confused with the number of times I have moved)

Number of U.S. Presidents since 1962

Number of Prophets since 1962

Number of times the San Fransisco 49ers have won the Superbowl

Number of times the Detroit Redwings have won the Stanley Cup

Number of boyfriends I have had (including the missionary that dumped me after I waited for him!)

Here are some other Fun Facts about 1962...

Personnel Manager earned $8,000 per year

Sears Kenmore refrigerator $198

3 bedroom house $17,500

Ladies shirtwaist dress $2
1962 Ford Galaxy $2645

Bread 2 loaves for .29
Butter .63 a pound
Eggs 2 dozen for .89
One pound ground beef (free of hormones) .35
Kraft Grape Jelly .29
Ice Cream ( a real whole half-ga
llon) .75
72" Sofa $199
In 1962 Pepperidge Farms introduced Goldfish crackers .37
Bottle of Coke .10

Candy bar .05
Movie with popcorn and
drink .80

The minicomputer introduced in 1964 $16,000

Color TV $400Postage .04
Gas one gallon .31

From the menu at Burger Chef (who remembers those?!)
Cheeseburger .27
Large Coke .25

And finally... the New York Yankees won the World Series in 1962 in 7 games and the Academy Award for Best Picture was
Lawrence of Arabia

Special thanks to all of you who have made my day SO great!! Jaime for cookies, Cathy and Tomoe (and Amy if she had gotten my message) for breakfast and flowers. Nicole, Debbie and Traci for lunch and books and earrings.
My nieces and friends who wrote on my Facebook wall. Donny Osmond who sent me a "personal" Happy Birthday email.
Phone calls and birthday cards!
Dinner and Hester's dessert from my wonderful family.
It has been a terrific birthday and it would not have been possible without ALL of you. I love you!


Sara said...

And I love that you hollered Happy Birthday across the parking lot to me when yours was closer!

How do I get a Donny Osmond message? :)

Happy Birthday!

Vanessa said...

Oh you and Donny...a love for the ages...
you didn't mention what I got you for your birthday???

Vanessa said...

Can I also say that I wish I had friends that would comment on my blog like you do? I'm jealous.

jendoop said...

I'll have that coke and burger right now. Thanks.

Hope you had a great day!

I better be seeing you in about 96 hours. This is no idle threat. I know where to acquire plastic forks and TP.