Friday, October 24, 2008

The Long and Short of things...

I am way behind in the happenings of my family and me. I have several things to talk about, but let me start back at the Thursday before Ya Ya weekend. I have been feeling kind of blah, a little blue and, if I'm honest, a teensy bit old.

Getting ready for a weekend trip with "my old (but young and thin) friends" I decided I needed a haircut. You know, just a few more layers and a little more "oomph"!
Calah had been begging me to let her cut my hair because she is going to be going to beauty college and she cuts all of her friends hair. So I decided now would be a great time.
Well, let me say first of all that Calah has the same love of thinning shears that I have only with a little more zeal. I told her that I wanted some more layers and she asked where I wanted my shortest layer to be and we began a "hair"rowing journey.
After she had a pile of my hair on the floor she started to get a little quieter. Now,to be fair she has done some great cuts on her friends' hair and mine was going well, in the "choppy Goth style" that she and her friends adore. I think it's cute too, but I am too old for cute or trendy or cutting edge. I was OK, it's only hair, it will grow back. It did end up being shorter than I thought I wanted my shortest layer, but that's alright.
Vanessa thought it was too abrupt and choppy and Calah was feeling a little scared about what I might think and so Vanessa thought she should blend it a little more. Snip, snip, snip...You get the picture.
Pretty soon we she was calling her friend Becky to see if I could get in for a fix. Long story short (ha ha!) Becky took off another inch or so and now I have a short flippy hair cut that is definitely not blah.
I also now have a love-hate relationship with my hair. I used to be ambiguous about my hair. I either liked it okay or I put it in a pony tail. Now I either love it as in the other day when it looked phenomenal or I hate it as in getting up in the morning or after a day of bad weather. There are no more ponytails for me but without Calah's zeal for the shears I would never know that it is possible for me to love my good hair days!

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Jaime said...

It looks amazing!! I love the short, flippy, sassy hairdo. It looks really good on you and you are a brave woman to put such trust in your kids:-)