Saturday, October 30, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time I got an invite on MySpace to see a comic at Morty's in Indianapolis.  He was offering 2-for-1 tickets and he was kinda cute so I decided to go.
 So we went with our friends Robert and Debbie Orcutt and what do you know...he was funny! Turns out he's a medical Doctor who gave up medicine to pursue his "dream" of stand-up comedy. Yes, his parents must be so proud!!
After the show he was hanging around the back meeting and greeting and asked if we wanted an autograph.  I had just gotten Nick Lachey's new cd and it was in my bag.  I said "D'you wanna sign this cd" just like a dork and he said "Sure I will!" and he did, with Nick Lachey's name.
I looked him up on Facebook a few months later and there wasn't really anything there. So I started a fan page called I "Heart" Matt Iseman. And pretty soon there were 150 members and then I got a message from someone named Kris and she said her boyfriend had asked her if she had started this page for him! She said "I gave you all the credit and he is totally flattered!"
Next thing I know there are over 300 members and we are spreading the word and he has thanked me and called me the President of his fan club! I know, right?!
So we have "become Facebook friends" ala Stalker/Stalkee and I even almost got a kitten from him and his girlfriend, but that's another story.
Even though I had seen his act in Indy, I knew that he had been to SLC and that he really liked it so I was campaigning hard for him to come back.
This week he has been at Wise Guys at Trolley Square for THREE nights!! Doug and I went last night with Steve and Michelle and it was awesome!
As Michelle and I were going to the loo, we had to walk by him and Michelle says "She wants to talk to you". So we stopped and he said, "What's your name?"
I said, "Caren", like a dork.
He said, "Caren? OH, CAREN!!!" and he gave me a huge hug!! "It's so great to finally meet you, thanks for coming out tonight!".
So Michelle took our picture and she was kind of slow and the first one Matt had his eyes closed so we were locked arm in arm for at LEAST 45 seconds! SO nice...
He was still hysterically funny..."Mandingo..." and the venue was so small and we were so close that we were actually talking to him during his show.  It was great! He did my favorite "Precious wants her ring" joke and some great new material about Mexicans...we can call them that because they are from Mexico.
He was so warm and genuine and it was awesome to meet him finally...he is what my family affectionately calls my "boyfriend".
And they lived happily ever after...

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