Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome to Provo!!

Last night we had the unique experience of witnessing the FIRST Frontier Airlines flight arriving at the Provo Municipal airport!
I found out about this event on Facebook  and I thought it would be a cool Family Home Evening, PLUS we had Mackenzie's BFF visiting from Georgia and we needed to show her a good time, right?

It was not too well-run...we arrived at our "check-in" and got a cookie, but there was no one to explain the schedule or tell us what to do or look at or whatever. Mostly we just stood around outside  until the plane came.  I'm not sure how many people they actually anticipated being there, but as we were leaving we saw that people were parked all up and down the roads around the airport.
Anyway, the last time I was at the Provo airport I was picking up Doug and all I remember is a cyclone fence and some gravel. Now there is an actual (small) terminal and a security checkpoint! However, we got to go out to the tarmac and didn't even have to go through security, last time for that!

While we were waiting, a private jet arrived and a white Hummer pulled right up to it and somehow I got distracted and didn't keep my eye on it, but I'm pretty sure it was Donny Osmond :0)

We were there for the Ribbon cutting for the new terminal and the announcement that the flight was DELAYED!!! Sorry Frontier, not off to a great start.

So it was darker than we had hoped for, but it was still really cool to see the plane coming in, we were SO close! The Fire and Rescue were on hand to salute the plane with a water spray. The pilot opened the window and waved with half his body hanging out. Then Miss Provo and the Frontier guy opened the door and the first of about 18 passengers got off to a large crowd and bigger cheers!

This will be so convenient to now fly to Denver right from Provo and then get on a plane to almost any where. I hope this new venture is completely successful and that one day Provo will have a big, wonderful airport like Indianapolis....which is by far the best planned airport I have ever been to.

Welcome to Provo Frontier Airlines...

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