Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where did May go?

Wow, so much has been going on!
On May 31, Calah's graduation...

It was a hot day, but the graduation didn't go on forever and Kian was pretty well-behaved.
We went to Olive Garden for lunch after and had a really great day.

We also had "Mulch-fest" which I swear is Kian's favorite time of year. Just like last year we ordered from the Boy Scouts and the minute it gets here Kian starts asking,
"When are we going to do the mulch?" For some reason he loves this activity. In fact he wanted to help the neighbor do his mulch too!
This year we also planted a Japanese Maple so we had a lot of yard work to do.

And here is our "twig". Some day it will be a big, beautiful Japanese Maple!

Then on June 4 we went to Mackenze's awards presentation at Fishers Junior High. We had been told that she was getting an award but we didn't know what it was. She felt that it was for her "doctorate" which is a special program that requires a high grade and some extra work. She did get her Doctorate in Social Studies and English.

These are her friends, Ashton and Peyton. I call them The Three Girls With Boy Names! Vanessa calls them The Hot-Smart Clique! They are a great couple of girls and we are so proud of Mackenzie. All her hard work paid off...
She was also named Student of the Year in Mr Sturgeon's advanced English class. She was stunned and I of course cried...
I was hoping you'd be able to read this, but maybe you can't so I'll include the last few stanzas. All of the teachers write a poem for their student of the year (including the math teacher!) and they don't tell you who it is until the end.

In the style of the Jabberwocky...

"And as she made her way through the year,
she impressed me at every turn.
She did her work with no fear,
my respect and trust she did earn.

One-two, one-two, and through and through
every obstacle she did surmount.
Oh glorious day! Hip-hip Hooray!
The joy you've brought, I cannot count.

And hast thou earned the glorious prize?
Come to the stage because you've won.
And suddenly the crowd turned their eyes,
and looked at Mackenzie Nelson."

And THEN as if that wasn't enough to celebrate...Later that same night the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup!!

Henrik Zetterberg wins the Conn-Smythe trophy. What a cutie!!

All in all it's been an eventful summer already.


Lyndee said...

Congratulations to both of you girls. Calah This is such a fun time for you.
Mackenze, WAY TO GO GIRL! You are the smartest girl I know. You worked so hard. You deserve all of it. I just love both you girls. Have a great summer.
Little Kian, What a tough little guy you are. That bucket of mulch looks huge. Good job.
Your Japanese Maple look beautiful.

jendoop said...

AWESOME!! How could you contain yourself? And then the stuff with the kids too.. :)

Glad to hear some great things happening for your fam.

ness said...

Mom..why are you posting pictures of my boyfriend on here?