Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where have I been?

Well, July is over and I missed it!
I mean I had a fun July 4, but that's about it.
We had our first Block Party since I was a kid in our new house on July 3 complete with great fireworks.

Then July 4 at Connor Prairie...not in there, but out across the street for the FREE fireworks show.
Then on Monday July 7 on my way to a Primary meeting I cough, hmmmmm. Doug has had a cough for a week now. It's just a little tickle at the back of my throat... Am I getting a cold?
Well, I wish! I ended up feeling like I had been hit by a truck. Seriously... I can't remember when I have felt SO awful! It's like my body was rebelling against me and my brain was along for the ride. If I got my small child fed it was a small miracle. I have been OFF the computer the entire time!
They call this Bronchitis. I had never had it before and no one told me it would last an entire month. I am still coughing and my throat now HURTS because of it. I would rather give birth without an epidural (trust me, I have done that and it's not so bad comparatively) On the up (really?) side I sure have given my obliques and abdominals a workout!

So I apologize for everything I have least 2 birthdays. But I am slowly crawling back to the land of the living so come on back for new posts!

We got our (MY) new baby kitty tonight (Thanks Traci and Elphie!) Her name is Goldie and I will post some pics as soon as I get some.
She is SO cute...even Doug said so. Baby Cat was supposed to be my cat, but I knew as soon as we saw her in foster care (yeah, I know) that she only had eyes for Calah and she is now MAD about Goldie. She growled-cried and then peed on Calah! Yikes...

Here's Goldie


xastralxromance said...

This is how you can get to my blog mom. Yes. Maybe I want to as well but I'm pretty sure it's actually just so you can find me. Thanks.

Let your cool friends know that I have a bloooog.


Jaime said...

Welcome glad you are finally feeling better. Love the new wallpaper on your blog..super cute.