Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Show and Tell

Kian has a new activity at school...Show and Tell. Tomorrow the Show and Tell Letter is C. I reminded Kian that he has to find something that starts with C to bring to school. His first one was CAT of course, but that's not practical :-)
So at dinner I was asking him again and he said "Castle starts with C".
I said "You're right, Castle does start with C".
"Can I bring my castle? I have one!"
Now I know that Kian can be very talkative and social, but in front of a group he's kind of shy and won't say much. So I wanted to "rehearse" him and I said "OK, so what are you going to share about your castle?"
Without a beat he replies,
"This is my castle, The End!"

Any other questions?


The Miranda's said...

lol..that's awesome

jendoop said...

C'mon mom, grow a brain already!

Jon is like that, talks my ear off at home but clams up in the group at school.