Monday, March 2, 2009

Peace or denial?

So, as of Friday the job.
It's 3 days later and I don't know if I feel peace or numb. Is that bad? It came as kind of a surprise. He barely had found out that he now had a monthly quota, not just yearly. Yeah, in the middle of the month. Add to that there is a girl who has been there 9 or 10 months that has no revenue (Doug had been there 7 months). Add to that a peculiar comment made by the afore-mentioned new VP in the Monday sales meeting. It went something like this:

Guy: Well, Doug has made contact with the Mormon church about printer services.
Doug: Well, remember I told you that they had just signed a new 3 year agreement with Hewlitt-Packer and were not making any changes right now?
New VP: The Mormon Church?! They haven't made any changes since the 1800's!!

Yeah, kind of interesting. So was the firing simply based on performance or was it personal. We don't know, but maybe it is the kick in the butt that Doug has needed to make some changes that he has been too afraid to make. He wants to teach. I'm a little afraid of how that will affect our family financially. Not a lot of money in teaching unfortunately, but if he could actually find a way he would be happier and I believe in the end we all would be.
I asked him today to make some phone calls while I cleaned the kitchen and family room and he got a little testy...Yikes, we need a job SOON!!
I'm not afraid I in denial?

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