Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Oscar Goes To...

Tonight was the 81st Annual Academy Awards

Here are the winners and my you are interested!

Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz "Vicky Christina Barcelona" I don't know what this movie is about and I don't really care for Penelope Cruz, but Bonnie Hunt said it was terrific! And I really liked her dress and necklace.

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger "The Dark Knight" I haven't seen this, but based on my girls' reaction when they saw it in the theater last summer, I knew Heath would win this award. Maybe deserved, maybe sentimental.

Best Actress: Kate Winslet "The Reader" I didn't see this movie but I read the book. Good book, controversial subject matter and I am always wanting Meryl Streep to win so I was sad about that.

Best Actor: Sean Penn "Milk" OK, I knew that he should win for this. I didn't see it (the guys kissing kind of turns me off, sorry) but from the trailer I could see that Sean Penn was amazing as Harvey Milk. Here's my problem: Celebrities who win awards and then turn a grateful thank you into a political agenda. Seriously?! He said he was grateful to live in a country where a film like this could be made and then proceeded to blast those who voted against Prop 8 saying "their shame would show in the faces of their children and grandchildren". May I remind Mr. Penn that in this great country that issue was VOTED on. Yes, we live in a democracy and the people spoke.

Let's remember the numbers: The campaign For Prop 8 raised $39.9 million and the campaign Against Prop 8 raised $ 43.3 million. Liberals want to blame the Mormons forgetting that other religions including Catholics and Protestants contributed funds. Not to mention that Mormons account for less than 2% of the California population and that 70% of African-Americans (generally Democrats who voted for Barack Obama) voted in support of Prop 8. I just hate celebrities who politicize and then don't even know the facts. They just want to inflame the situation and pretend that they are really humanitarians.

And the Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire which I also have not seen and sadly hadn't even heard of until my friend Shelly mentioned it. She said it was great!

I actually thought that Angelina Jolie was wearing costume jewelry...emeralds don't look like they used to.

I loved Meryl Streep's hair and dress.

I loved Anne Hathaway in the opening number with Hugh Jackman.

Nicole Kidman looked stunning as usual.

I loved the sets and the way they presented the acting nominations with 5 "living legends" all there to present together.

Don't get me going on the guy who won for the screenplay for Milk...I think I've ranted enough. But seriously did you HAVE to mention your "Mormon"home? UGH!!! Here they are demanding tolerance and being intolerant...Think about it.


Lyndee said...

You are Awesome!

jendoop said...

Will you still be my friend if I say I didn't even watch? I did of course watch the info afterwards about the gorgeous dresses! (you have to say that last part with an effeminant tone).
I heard the Milk director on NPR. They asked his opinion on everything Mormon including Prop 8 even though he admitted he hasn't been active in over a decade-HELLO!

I know you'll still be my friend after I post this comment because it's four freakin' fourty in the morning!