Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I Can Do...

I often wonder what am I good at? What are my talents because I don't want to bury them I want them to be multiplied. I have very talented friends: cooks, seamstresses, bloggers, photographers, quilters, gardeners. And these women even have the patience and desire to teach their children their special talents.
I can sew, but I'm not passionate about it and there is no money for new projects anyway. I sometimes have only $25 to buy groceries for the week. Is that a talent? Not when you're only eating tacos, spaghetti or mac and cheese. And they're certainly not balanced meals so I don't think that counts as something to be proud of.
Everyone knows how I feel about cooking. I've realized it's not really the cooking it's the thinking about cooking and planning what to cook (refer to budget above) and you see why I am frustrated with the whole idea of eating in general.
Quilting is a beautiful art, but it scares me. The same is true of gardening. I love flowers, but I don't know the first thing about what goes with what and when to plant and how to feed and protect in the winter and it all seems so over-whelming!
So today as I was loading an entire double sink of dirty dishes--another issue I have is getting my kids to pitch in even after an FHE on the subject--I remembered something my dear friend Becky said " I am good at loading that dishwasher!"
Bingo!! Me too...I had that dishwasher fully loaded in a neat and organized way fitting everything in AND I had it done is less than 15 minutes! Yes, impressive.
I remember once Vanessa said to me " You loaded the dishwasher already?" I didn't realize it was such a gift, but today I have decided it is enough...


jendoop said...

You are aweseome! It is amazing to feed your family on $25 a week, there should be a medal- it would be shaped like a macaroni.

Besides loading the dishwasher I know that you are good at listening into the wee hours of the morning and even responding with semi-lucid comments.

You're also a great reader. I'd love to hear more about the books you've read. I've still got Molokai on my list to read but the library doesn't have it.

BradandMelanie said...

That is definitely enough. It's not about doing something, it's about being something. You are already GREAT to your family and to your friends. Plus we love spaghetti and tacos around here (or maybe it's just because that is the only thing I know how to make).

Sara said...

I can't load the dishwasher. Just ask Joe. He's in charge of the dishes around here.

And you read five books at one time. That is impressive!

Tara said...

I think your talent is being FUN. Seriously, I love to be around you at activities because you are just a person who has fun. Not everyone can do that.