Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thank you Santa!

So many of you know our Sad Santa Saga...Kian had been craving a Wii since last spring and he just knew that Santa could get one for him. This was the first year that he has thought up h is own idea for Santa. The first year he "gets" it.
So we were hoping that we would be able to help Santa out with this plan. Alas, it was not to be and because we had to wait until the last minute (i.e. paycheck) we were left with NO options.
So Santa in his infinite wisdom brought Kian a bike for Christmas along with this note:

Basically saying that his Wii fell out out the sleigh over the ocean along with some other gifts but that he would be back.
Kian has read this note a hundred times, in fact it is now memorized, in anticipation of Santa's return.

Low and Behold on Saturday it happened!
Kian found this note on the front door when he went downstairs Saturday morning:I wasn't downstairs yet...he must have sensed something because he didn't wait for me to get there, but Vanessa was still up from work. She said he saw the note immediately and came into the family room where everything was set up. She said the look on his face was such genuine surprise and amazement that it looked like he might cry!!

Then he said,
"I have GOT to tell Mom about this!"

That's just about when I got down the stairs and the rest is happy Wii history.

So our tax refund won't be used for that vacation we had hoped for, but we have helped perpetuate the magic of Santa in one small boy's heart!
Someday we'll get to that beach house in Michigan...


Tara said...

So sweet! I felt so sad when I read that post at Christmas- I'm so glad that he still believes :) And when you finally go on your vacation you can sit back and think about what a great mom you are!

The Miranda's said...

that is so sweet!

Beth said...

Awww I love it... tell Kian he is on for a wii tournament next time I am there because Santa got me a wii for Christmas too. Hope you are doing great! Lots of love

jendoop said...