Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trying to Keep Up...

So I'm back...sort of.
I am still using Calah's computer which means that I don't have my own pictures and that it is too hard for me to type on :0)
Anyway, things in Provo are going pretty well considering...No one is working.
Doug has a second interview next week, Vanessa is hoping for a call from BYU Health Clinic and Calah had a mini interview at Hot Topic. So we are hopeful that everyone will get a job at the same time!!
Kian loves having a 7 year old boy live across the street, if he had his way, he would never come home.
Mackenzie is thouroughly involved in drama and loves it. hse even has Facebook friends from Provo High now!! Two weeks until her competition in Cedar City.
We have enjoyed dinner with Doug's parents, a family party and dinner with the Miguels. I have had a terrific Girl's Day out and next week we look forward to sharing Sunday afternoon with Joey Koons, a BYU student from Fishers!!
Our llittle old house has had some water issues that we are still getting worked out. I'm not sure where it will go or if we will get condemmed due to mold, but I am hoping that we won't end up having to move!!
We are here and we are happy and at peace. I do miss my Fishers Friends and book club though.
In the meantime I look forward to getting back on track and getting back on my own computer.


Sara said...

Caren, It's good to hear from you in bloggerland. I'm sending happy thoughts on the employment front. . . good luck to all!

How is Kian liking school?

jendoop said...

Crossing my fingers on all the jobs. I hope G.Conference is comforting to you. Good luck with the computer because I want to hear more from you.

Just yesterday we found out that DH's sister is moving back to Utah. That leaves just us out here in the East. Today as I put photos in the album it was hard not to cry. I miss the mountains and family. So I'm jealous!