Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!

72 years ago today, my Dad was born in Wichita, Kansas. My Dad had a pretty rough childhood, moving to California at some point while he was still fairly young.  He was the only child of a second marriage, having 4 older sisters and one older brother. He lived in San Fransisco as a child and had to get a job to help support his mom when his Dad died while is San Quentin. My Dad was 12.

He was a hard worker who loved his family. He was in the Air Force as a policeman. He became a salesman. He loved sports. He was once offered a "loan" by an acquaintance who was in the mafia in Detroit. He once had a phone call from Magic Johnson's mom. She wanted to build a swimming pool. He thought it was a fake so he didn't take her seriously. No pool.
He was involved in Indian Guides (Anybody remember that?) and hockey with my brothers. He was involved with my drill team.

When I was 21 I fell in love with Kevin Bacon and I had  seen "Footloose" 3 times in one was true love! Shortly after that I came home from work and taped to my bedroom door was the PEOPLE magazine with Kevin Bacon on the Dad had bought it for me :0) I still have that PEOPLE magazine.

My Dad had several reversals in fortune. He was in a car accident that left him permanently disabled--the other driver was at fault and had no insurance. He started his own business with a partner who then ran off with all the money leaving my Dad severely in debt. He was trying to go back to school and support 3 kids. It was very difficult, but only now do I appreciate how difficult.
When I got married, I wanted my best friend to be there as my Maid of Honor as I had been hers. She was a young mother of 2 children and not living in the same state. She would have to fly, but that would be a hardship on her tiny families' finances. Without much fanfare, my Dad sold our camper and bought her ticket so she could be there.

 My Dad's legacy lives on...he was a terrific and generous man who loved to laugh and be outside with his family eating a good meal.
I love my Dad. He left us too soon. I am so grateful for the knowledge of the Gospel and the promise of Eternal Families. I am glad that now my Mom is with him and they are with their grand-daughter, Reagan.
I still miss you...I wish you and Kian knew each other. I know you would have been buddies and  you would be proud to see how your example has blessed my life.
Thank you Daddy, for living a good life and fighting the good fight!

P.S. Tonight we're having Brownies for your birthday :0)

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