Sunday, April 24, 2011


Mackenzie is at Provo High's Prom...

She was asked by one of her drama guys, Zac Orton. She loves Zac,he is fun and funny. He actually sent me a message on Facebook to ask if he could come over to decorate her room as his way of asking her. It was so cute!

It has been so fun to get ready for this. We had two dresses, which was good because she had her heart set on one that was PERFECT, but it sold out. We ordered a different one and before it came the other one came back in stock! We decided to get both and then choose. We actually ended up choosing the second choice :0)

Vanessa did her make-up and it looked gorgeous! Then Zac, Dyllen, AJ arrived and Zac's Mom and sister came to take pictures.

It's our baby girl and I can't believe she is old enough for this!! How and when did this happen? Isn't she beautiful? I hope she's having a great time!!


The Miranda's said...

How fun! I love her dress!

The Miranda's said...
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Sara said...

Mackenzie looks darling! I can't believe she is getting so old.

I will forever love that pic of you and Doug hanging on your wall!