Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

From my Mom to my daughter...both are gone and it's a day to remember them. My Mom and Reagan did not meet in this life, but I like to think they are together every day now! Right before my Mom passed away, she told me that there was a little girl in red overalls that kept coming to sit on her lap...I knew it had to be Reagan.

~Reagan Noel~
I hold you in my heart because I can't hold you in my arms.
I whisper in mind because I can't whisper in your ear.
I whistle softly with my lips because I can't whistle softly to your curious eyes.
I sing to myself because I can't sing to your sweet cherubic face.
I love you in a way I will never love another because I didn't get to know you.
I think constantly of you with my head because it hurts too much to think of you with my heart.
You will be a constant reminder of God's love and His miracles for all of us.
You are my grand daughter but you are a child of God,
I love you.
January 14 2005

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