Friday, April 13, 2012

Pimping My Daughters' Blogs

And I am proud to do so!
Vanessa is my oldest and is and amazingly gifted writer. She has a unique eye for the absurd in the world and she is not afraid to "call people out" on their feeble-minded idiocy. I guarantee that she will make you Laugh Out Loud and say to yourself, "OMG, that is SO true!"
Here is a link:

Then there is my second oldest, Calah. She is also an amazing and talented writer. She writes fiction and is full of insight and emotion--Think "Intelligent Twilight". The first time I read one of her stories, I cried a little, just a tiny tear :-)
Here is a link:

So do yourself a favor, skip the parenting and decorating and crafty blogs--You will not measure up in a million years--and go visit one of the Nelson Girl's blogs.
You won't be sorry!!

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