Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Queen's Jubilee

I must admit to wanting to be a Princess at some point in my life. For some reason my desires never grew to being the Queen, just a Princess. I have a fascination with England and Scotland and old castles. So I find the Queen's Jubilee to be an exciting celebration! I have borrowed some commentary from a friend in the U.K. 

Over here this weekend Saturday, Sunday, Monday and tomorrow we are celebrating the Queens "Diamond Jubilee" of her Coronation, and today and tomorrow are public holidays. Yesterday we had a wonderful show of all kinds of boats on the Thames, from rowing boats leading the procession to Narrow boats to small cruisers, brought up by a massive boat built for the Queen and her family, and although I'm not a great Royalist I have to say it was really impressive. And although the day was wet and quite cold I was amazed by the way The Queen actually stood for all the almost 4 hours of the procession on her boat at the age of 86, and the Duke of Edinburgh also stood the whole way at almost 91 years old.  There were orchestras, and choirs on separate boats and all in the open in the pouring rain. Today there is a huge open air concert in front of Buckingham Palace, with many top stars including Sir Cliff Richard , Sir Tom Jones, and one of my heroes Stevie Wonder .. I think it's going to last over three hours, so will be glued to the TV this evening.

I don't think I would have made a good Queen as I have never seen her carry a Coach handbag, but living in a castle and being called Her Majesty would be the bomb!

Congratulations to the woman who should have been my Mum :o)


Alice Andrews said...

I think most girls want to be a princess!! I definitely did! The Queen's Jubilee was epic! I think the Queen is such an amazing lady - for an 86 year old she is doing pretty well!! And then when the poor Duke of Edinburgh was in hospital she still looked proud and carried herself with such grace!

I was not looking forward to the crowds and the masses of people! And I had heard about all the trouble on the trains the week before (like people getting stuck overnight in a tunnel!! MY WORST NIGHTMARE COMING REAL) so I was a little bit dubious about the how weekend. But thankfully (and surprisingly) I got from my lovely london serviced apartment to Buckingham palace every day without so much as a hitch! But it was super busy!!!!

It has given me some hope for the Olympics as I think this weekend has proved to the rest of the world, we know how to throw a celebration!! But can we beat Beijing...unsure!

Caren said...

Lucky You!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am so excited for the Olympics and I think you all will be a smashing success!