Thursday, June 7, 2012

Camp Jeremiah Johnson

Kian got to go to his first Cub Scout camp today! I am surprised at how excited he is about Scouts. I have never really gotten into it and we have never been a family that thought it was the Be ALL End ALL. Kian has a short attention span and didn't last over a year in Karate, but he loves scouting.
The camp is only 20-30 minutes from home but when we arrived that morning it was FREEZING!!
Truman, Gavin, Adam, Oliver, Campbell, Seth and Kian.

The day warmed up and we had a great time!! Kian said he loved the Opening Ceremony the best because of the anticipation :o)

 We panned for "gold".

 We pulled a hand cart. That was tough coming down the hill!
  Gavin and Kian, I love this picture!!

This is where Kian was yelling, "I can't do it Mom!!" But he did :o)

 They got to paddle a barge and try to fish balls out of the water and throw them into the other barge's bucket. Thankfully, they all followed the rules and no one fell in.

They made a Native American game that is kind of like throwing dice.

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jendoop said...

Love it! I wasn't big into it either, then I was called as cub master and went to camp and now I'm a believer. One reason is for what Kian said, showing boys how much they are capable of.