Thursday, May 1, 2008

Finally Ya Ya Quilt!

Look! I finally found the Ya Ya quilt pictures from November 28, 2007
Upper left is Traci Norton's "book shelf" of favorite books that we've read.
Upper right is Kim Spotts flower and a beautiful friendship quote by Georgia O'Keefe. The Ya Ya's saw her exhibit on our first Ya Ya weekend in 2005.
Middle left is my "uncrafty" friend Debbie Orcutt. She actually had to go into a fabric store (which makes her twitch!)
Middle is a beautiful 3-D flower from Jen Pocock (she's kind of an over-achiever!)
Middle right is a collection of flowers by Sally McHugh which she points out are NOT "botanically correct"!
Bottom left is my little red head from Kami Starnes. Late night "hair-a-py sessions" are epic!
Bottom right is my sneaky Vanessa who arranged to go to Traci's to actually sew this...Understand this girl cannot sew a straight line :-)

This is Nicole Arnold's square...The lyrics to the song "For Good" are written at the bottom. Can you believe the detail?

This is Becky Hill's square. She is amazing with words! Hopefully you can read it!

We love you Reagan and we will always remember you. The Ya Yas rule!!


jendoop said...

Yea! Thanks for posting the pics, I wonder what everyone's blocks look like together.

Hope it keeps you warm with all that ya-ya love!

Traci said...

It is so fun to see your quilt again. I love it. I love that you are back on your blog.

Kim said...

I love that I finally got to see this. Be far away sucks! As I am listening to Wicked I believe we are a creative group!