Sunday, May 4, 2008

Prom Night Then and Now

I can't believe that it has already been 28 years since this picture was taken! Where does the time go? May 31, 1980 I went to my senior Prom with Steve Cary on the campus of Michigan State. Some of it I remember like it was last year and some of it I can't remember at all...
Helping Calah get ready for her Prom has brought back a lot of memories. I loved that my dress was so different from all the other girls who got the polyester clingy spaghetti strap kind. Mine was Gunny Sax AKA Jessica McKlintock. It was so romantic with the lace and ribbon and a long row of buttons all the way up the back. I had never really dressed up before. I loved my retro ankle strap creme color 1940's style shoes and my cameo earrings and necklace was so "Somewhere in Time" three years before that movie!
Calah's corsage was almost exactly like roses.

Here are the pictures of Calah's senior Prom. She was asked by Cam from her art class and she was kind enough to say yes even though she doesn't know him and her and her best friend Natalie had planned all along to go together as a last
Hoorah Girl's Night".
Cam and his Dad came over last weekend to meet us and we thought that was very cool.
Then Cam arrived with a wrist corsage and a red vest and tie to match with Calah. Calah had a great time despite the fact that Cam was intent on driving his own car even if he rode alone and even if she had to convince him that the "dirty dancing" was NOT going to happen with her!
I think I did a great job on her hair and I loved her choice of accent color: RED!

Andrew, Natalie (friends of Calah and each other, although Andrew is the one who loaded Linux on our computer, GRRRRR!)
Camariezz and Calah...her shoes are gorgeous red heels!
Her "Like Mom's" Corsage and check out the nails :-)
Is going to Prom really important? I thought so, but I guess in the grand scheme of things it's just another date, only more fancy.


Jaime said...

Calah looks amazing...I love your prom picture..our dress was great. SO fun to see...I love the updated posts.

Jaime said...

I really need to proof read before I submit my posts..Sorry..I meant to say YOUR dress, not OUR dress:-) Opps!

jendoop said...

Prom, holy cow are they emotionally packed or what? So many expectations.
Calah looks great, keep posting her art, it is great to see.

Kim said...

Beautiful-Love the red!

ness said...

Mom! You should let me subscribe to your blog...