Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving was a roller coaster this year.
I had a nice quiet time shopping for the food all by myself at my wonderful Day's Market and I really only spent about $15 more than I might have at a crazy, dirty, busy supermarket.
I got all of my ingredients for our brine for the turkey and we even invested in a roaster because our oven is seriously small! But we were so pleased to get one for a great price at Macy's. I felt like such a grown-up with my white and black roasting pan on my counter! I think my Gramma may have had one like this.
Then I had some freaky melt down...I don't know, the pressure of actually having money to go Christmas shopping--whew! I don't know if I can handle it.
I was also thinking about my family which means my brother in Oregon and my brother in Indiana that I just left. My parents were on my mind as Turkey Day was one of my Dad's favorites (maybe even more than Christmas!) It just isn't the same without them. I heard a great line on Golden Girls: "No mater how old you are, when you lose both your parents you feel like you're six again".
I know, pitiful me, but I still feel like an orphan.
And most of all, Thanksgiving is always the time I think about Reagan the most because it was the day in2004 as we were finishing up our delicious meal that was brought over to us by our wonderful friends, that we got the excited call from her Dr saying that she had been taken off the oxygen and she was doing great and we could expect her home for Christmas. I got off the phone and sighed with relief and gratitude and marveled at what was truly a terrific Thanksgiving. Then she was taken from us 2 days later.
It is a tremendously hard time for me, but the kids really stepped up and it was the best dinner!
Vanessa took charge of the menu and kept the kitchen cleaned up as they went. Kenzie helped with the snacks and Calah even made the Sweet Potato Souffle. They were even able to keep Kian occupied while I had my moments.
I am SO grateful for my husband who listened and understood and my kids who knew what I needed and the day was so pleasant and happy!

I have no idea what is going on here--Kenzie

Or here--Calah and Kian

But apparently we were laughing so hard that Kian had to plug his ears. He does this whenever we get out of hand :0)
We did kind of deteriorate from this--
To this--
And even this--

Yes, that is a pie box--that is all I know.
We had FUN and that is what I love about my family.

I miss my brothers and Grandparents and aunts and cousins, but I am thankful for all that the Lord has blessed me with especially these last few months.

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jendoop said...

It makes me happy to see a picture of you just sittin' around having Thanksgiving - I can pretend I'm sitting across the table from you.

The holidays make me melt down for no reason, or a crazy reason, too. It's such an emotional stew. Hope you have plenty more happy times in between tears.