Friday, December 4, 2009

Family Pictures

On November 14, I drug my family outside to Riverwoods in Provo to take our family Christmas picture. The last time we had one taken was 2005 I think.
About an hour before we were supposed to meet our friend Tara there was literally a blizzard of snow and wind and I know that Doug though I would cancel.

But I am no wimp and I am nothing if not stubborn and I grew up in Michigan for goodness sake!!
So off we went...there was no snow sticking to the ground and the wind had really died down and yes it was a little cold...

Even colder when I made everyone take off their coats for the pictures.
But what we ended up with are some great pictures, even if Doug was totally grumpy and not super cooperative. Vanessa thinks next year we will have a stand in Dad and his name is Tim Gunn. We will for sure look great then!

So here a a few of my favorites...
And for sure in my top 5 is this terrific one (thanks Tara!!)

One of these two previous ones will probably be the Christmas card, but I really like this one too--

Look how great these girls photograph! Beautiful!!

And we had to end the day with more fun because that is how we are...though Doug and Kian were warm inside having hot cocoa.
I promise to try to make it a warmer day next year family, but thanks for being such good sports!

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jendoop said...

I think Vanessa and Calah need to send that last one out for their own Christmas cards this year!

All of them are gorgeous, it will be hard to choose!