Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas on Temple Square

It was COLD, but the kids had an early day today and so we braved the elements and journeyed northward to Salt Lake City.
Our first stop was the Legacy Theater in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for the film about Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration has been produced under the direction of the First Presidency as part of the Church's commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith's birth.

The film depicts events in the life of Joseph Smith from his early youth in Vermont to his martyrdom in Illinois at age 38. It recounts Joseph's search for truth as a young boy, a search that resulted in divine revelation that set his life on a path of service and sacrifice in restoring the Church of Jesus Christ. Through scenes of his interactions with family and with early Church members and others, viewers will see both the personal and public sides of Joseph's caring nature and prophetic leadership.

Let me tell you, this is a three hanky film!
  • Joseph is dragged out of his home in the middle of a cold night while he and Emma had been sleeping with their twins. He was tarred and feathered. While Emma is cleaning his wounds and they are wondering why this has happened and Joseph says "Perhaps I am meant to swim in deep waters"
  • As Joseph Sr is dying and he calls Joseph over to ask "Will I see Alvin (his eldest son who had died from an illness) again?" Of course Reagan and my parents were on my mind and in my aching heart. I am SO grateful for the knowledge that Joseph brought to us about the eternity of families!!
  • After the loss of 4 children and years of being thrown out of their home and running for their lives from New York to Ohio to Missouri to Illinois Emma asks Joseph "Do you wonder if god asks too much of you?" Joseph replies, "I try not to."
  • And then as he and Hyrum prepare to travel to Carthage where they have been demanded by the governor to make an appearance we see Emma's hand slip from his and she says ever so quietly "You will come back to me". People from town are lining the road knowing they may never see Brother Joseph again. And the bagpipe is playing Praise to the Man.
  • And finally when the bullets begin ripping through the door while the three men try holding it shut as if they could protect themselves from death...Wow, it was all overwhelming...

We decided to try to find Kian a snack when we ran into our dear friends from Fishers, the Rocks who are serving a mission in Temple Square (and by the way...they look so amazing!! What is in the water at Temple Square?) They told us that we could ride Trax for free to Gateway the outdoor mall. So off we went and Kian was so excited to ride the train. We were able to get a snack as well as some hats and gloves for a few members of our family who were ill prepared for the COLD. But it was a beautiful night.

Then back to Temple Square to experience the amazing spirit that is present amongst the beautiful lights!

We had taken a few pictures right after the movie before we headed over to the mall.

Kian with the Native American Nativity

The Japanese Nativity

The lights...

Then finally we were off to experience Pat's Bar B Q in South Salt Lake. The very same one that was featured on Diner's, Drive-ins and Dives from the Food Network.

Wow, talk about a dive! It is on a tiny side street among industrial buildings but Oh was it GOOD! It was the Porch Pounders onstage and the food was absolutely without a doubt the BEST Brisket and pulled pork and cole slaw I have ever had. WOW, a great time!!
I think a Christmas Temple Square tradition was born--Hallelujah!!!!!


Jaime said...

Now Temple Square is something I totally miss about Utah. Especially at Christmas time! You look amazing in that picture of you and Doug. I'm so happy to hear things are going so well for you guys. Merry Christmas!

Stephanie said...

You won Item 120 on the auction. Please email me with your information so we can your your charm to you and the money to Emily!


jendoop said...

You make me think that I might survive living in Utah ;)

I try not to think about missing Temple square lights at Christmas, it was a huge part of my adolescence. Glad you had another great day!