Friday, December 4, 2009

O Christmas Tree...

The day after Thanksgiving we went and picked up a really nice tree that Doug's parents offered to let us have. They are down-sizing and since all of our Christmas boxes and ornaments and such are still in Indiana they knew that we could really use it.
I struggled only a little because I have always had a real tree, but the last few years we haven't had a tree at all so I figured it was better than that. Besides it is a really nice tree, it fits perfectly and with an 84 pack of ornaments from Costco it turned out beautifully. Kian couldn't wait to have a Christmas tree. He doesn't remember having a big tree and he was so hopeful that there would be a star on top.
Mom also had a few other Christmas decorations that they were clearing out and lo and behold there was a light up star tree topper!

So our house is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and it is terrific!

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