Friday, December 11, 2009

A Grown-up Christmas...finally!

Doug has an amazing job...
They are such wonderful people.
Last night they closed early (at 3:00) and we then met for dinner at Chef's Table in Orem.

A lovely restaurant where we had our picture taken (kind of like Prom) and were served a buffet which included two kinds of salad (Doug couldn't believe that one of them was a Caesar Salad WITH chicken!), ravioli, roasted potatoes, vegetables, huge chunks of salmon, rack of lamb, boneless chicken breasts in a wonderful sauce and hunks of filet mignon. Then came dessert: Cheesecake, a Chocolate Dome or a Baked Apple Beggar's Purse. I chose the Chocolate Dome of course, but I will have to admit that Doug's Purse was actually better. Who knew fruit could be so delicious :0)

Then we were off to the Scera theater in Orem where we saw Nuncrackers.
"The musical features the same beloved nuns from the original show: There are Reverend Mother (played by Celesta Rimington with a Minnesota accent), Sister Mary Paul“Amnesia” (played with a Southern accent by Deborah Bowman), wisecracking Brooklyn street nun Sister Robert Ann (played by Rebekah Martin Osmond), Sister Mary Leo (a ballerina wannabe and stage manager nun, played by Kelsey Seaver) and Sister Hubert (who thinks she should be the Reverend Mother, played by Janna Gates). Shawn Mortensen plays Father Virgil Manly Trott as well as Sister Julia, Child of God (with a spot-on Julia Child impression, of course). The script calls for four children, but the Littles cast twelve to play Mount St. Helen’s most exceptional students."
It was hysterical and touching and I am now friends with 2 of the cast members on Facebook :-)

Plus he was given a Christmas bonus and let's just say that it was better than a ham!

The last five years were incredibly hard, but I am so grateful that they brought is here. I could not be happier--
Merry Christmas

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