Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas with Kian

If you want to details of how our Chirstmas was go over to Vanessa's blog...she tells it much better than I could! But I just have to share a few things about Kian.
This was the first year that he got excited about Santa. Is that normal? He is 6 already! We were able to "use" the naughty and nice list as motivation for the first time and he was so excited that the poor guy couldn't sleep on Christmas Eve.

I mean come on...look at that face!!
He did get exactly what he wanted from Santa this year (yay for employment!!) and we had a great day :0)
On Christmas Eve as I walked in the door from some last minute shopping he says "I LOVE Christmas!! I want to MARRY it!! Marry Christmas...get it?!" Now I'm sure he heard this somewhere, but it still cracked me up.
Then yesterday Vanessa was telling me that when she tucks Kian into bed and kissed him, he has started saying "Aw, shucks!"
I said, "Kian, you are such a ham!"
Without missing a beat he said, "Well, you're a roast beef!"
Where does this stuph come from?? He's the only 6 year old I know who does stand-up.


jendoop said...

What a cutie! I'm glad you had a wonderful, employed holiday!

Jaime said...

Kian's comments make me laugh. It is so good you have them in writing to show him when he gets older. I'm so glad you had a Merry Christmas. I love the magic, ham and roast beef included:-)