Thursday, October 29, 2009


Most days are great, but every now and then I get a glimpse into the heart-breaking world of being in Kindergarten.
Kian and I have been trying the "drop-off". This is where I pull into the front of the school and he gets out and goes into class all by himself. Many of the kids are doing this so he thought he could too.
Today as we pull in he says, "Mom can you come in with me?"
Right! The day I haven't showered and I have had 4 hours of sleep? What for??
"No, honey, you can do it all by yourself".
"But Mom, please?"
"What do you need me for?"
"So you can help me take off my backpack but not my coat".
"Sweetie, you can take off your coat too".
"But I don't want to, I want to leave it on".
"Because I can't put it on by myself when we go out to recess".
"Well, can't you ask one of y our friends for help?"
"no" such a small voice.
In that moment, he seemed SO little and I wondered h ow I could possibly be sending him out into a big world where you can't ask for help?!
I pray that he has a good day, but I will be worrying all day that he is somehow lost. I'm not sure he knows how to ask for help because he never has to at home. Someone is always too eager to help him...he's so cute :-)
But he is in the real world of kindergarten and he can show no weakness!
Poor baby...


The Miranda's said...

that is too sweet...I hope he found someone to help him...

jendoop said...

The youngest in a family brings such a sweetness. Our tail end child brings something special to our family too - they make you slow down to think and appreciate, to see the world differently.

It is scary, but he can do it.