Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

The week before our 25th anniversary was one of the "downs" in the "ups and downs" of marriage. I felt like Doug was still a little cranky from the "staycation" and I may have mentioned a few things. I was having quite the Pity Party when on Thursday Doug suggested we go to dinner on Friday. I said OK and we kind of talked about where we might go.  I was feeling slightly better about things and trying to keep a positive attitude about our relationship.
I had to take Mackenzie to a counselling appointment and so I called to let him know we got her schedule worked out. He said "Why don't you just come and get me now"
It was a little early. When I got there he said he had to go home to change before we went out. I decided to do something with my hair and while in the bathroom I noticed my make-up basket was completely empty. I asked Mackenzie if she knew where my make-up was.  It didn't make sense for her to have it, but it was gone so...After several minutes her and Doug come to the door and Doug says "We're going to Park City for the weekend!"
"We're going to Park City, you're all packed...let's go"
I was FLOORED!!  I couldn't believe how he had planned it has been forever since that happened.  He said he had church all taken care of and we'd be gone two nights.  He said he decided to tell me so I could say goodbye to the kids.  When we asked Kian if he remembered where we were going Kian said "Hawaii!"
  I assumed it would be the Hampton Inn since he has a card there so I didn't even ask. But on the drive up he mentioned there was a fireplace in the room and so I asked where we were staying??
The Waldorf-Astoria!
We walked into the lobby and it smelled like HEAVEN...or at least what I think heaven will smell like.

Our room was beautiful and there were flowers waiting for me :-)

And there were Chocolates on the bed...

On Saturday I had an amazing Bindi spa treatment at the Golden Door Spa at the hotel. You'll be relieved to know that my "doshas" are all fairly balanced :0)
We went into "town" and walked a little bit of Main Street. We ate at The Eating Establishment which wasn't all that great.  I miss Red's! But Park City is a beautiful place...
We had an awesome time and I am thrilled that Doug had such a surprise planned out...all the time and energy that it took.  I love that he was willing to do that and even though it's not Italy, I know that will come some day.  We've had a rough past 5 years and I am so grateful that we were able to do this and know that the next 25 years will be even better!!
I love you Big Daddy and I always will, I'm still "Crazy For You" :0)
August 22, 1985....Best decision I ever made.

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