Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Salt lake City~Our Staycation

We had some car troubles this past week and so we had to postpone out trip to California. We were all bummed, but Doug and Vanessa still had the time off so we decided to do a little trip to Salt Lake instead.
We left Thursday afternoon and stopped at a REAL movie theater to see Toy Story 3!
Kian did pretty good, but he did ask several times if it was almost over :-) It was a great and really expensive way to start our staycation...I thought it was funny (in a sad way) that the popcorn cost more than the tickets to see the movie. I had just talked to Calah and then the movie is all about moving out and moving on and saying goodbye to childhood.  Needless to say I bawled...
Then we were on our way to The Red Iguana.

This is a place that was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives so we had to try it. As we pulled into the parking lot I said,
"This looks like the parking lot where our moving van got broken into...next to the Scotty Motel".
Don't ask me how I remember these things but as we waited outside I wondered down the sidewalk a little and lo and behold...

Can you see the roof tiles? For the complete and exciting story, check out the next blog entry. The food was good, but there was no empanadas which I really wanted and I'm not sure if I would make it a point to go back. I did try the Mole Negro which is what Guy went crazy for.

We went to the hotel and Kian could not wait to get to the pool. I loved that it was open 24 hours so we did a late swim in the hopes that he would have a dreamy night's sleep.

That next morning Kian woke up and barfed. Great! Welcome to vacation :-) We kind of took it easy since we didn't have a lot planned for this day. Doug was sure that it was just too much sugar and excitement.
We left later in the day for the Gateway where the Children's Museum is.
We paid 8 bucks a piece and Kian only wanted to stay in the first exhibit which was all BALLS!
It had all of these colored balls and tubes and ways to make the balls move through the tubes.  We finally convinced him to look at some other things, but he kept wanting to go back there. It was a pretty cool museum, though not nearly as big as Indianapolis.
He then made a friend outside...
That night we ate at Buca di Beppo which was divine because now they have gnocchi!
Saturday we got up and drove to Park City where we played Putt Putt golf and went to the outlet mall. Some good deals there, some not so good. But it is huge and we were whipped.  Doug was grumpy for most of the trip and I was just glad to be going home.  Kian was still having some tummy trouble and Mackenzie  had a dance to go to Saturday night.
Hopefully we had enough fun to make some good memories and we are now planning our trip to Cali for Fall break. However, I am glad that we have been able to get out there once and Aunt Judi came out here so it is way better than when we lived in Indiana.

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