Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Music

Today is Christmas music day. I'm not sure why except that it is only a week away and I haven't had my music day yet. I wasn't feeling too "Christmas-y" (again) this year and I realized the other night that it was probably because I had not heard Donny Osmond sing "Mary, Did You Know?". Which is BTW the BEST version!
So here I am and it is definitely helping. I should be making cookies.
How is it that a favorite old Christmas song can take me back to my family? Back to when it seemed everything was simple and for sure. I miss my family. I mean the family of my childhood. I love my kids and my grown-up family of course, but there is nothing like being a kid at Christmas time!


Jenny said...

Christmas music definitely gets me in the holiday mood...

I'll have to listen to the Donny Osmond version of Mary Did You Know. I love that song!

Merry Christmas!

jendoop said...

Thanks for the music! Please still be my friend but I have to admit I'm no Donny Osmond fan. But that song is great! All the others too :)