Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Boy, do I hope 2009 is finally our year!
We used to have these amazing New Year's Eve parties with Doug's brother and sis-in-law Steve and Michelle. We would have all of this fun food (because the 4 of us love food:-) and just visit and laugh hysterically....good times!
I miss having fun with friends.
Tonight Mackenzie went to her first boy-girl party, but she's with good friends and she is just around the corner. Kian and Doug are playing golf on the Play Station and Vanessa has to work the night shift.
Another year of change and less conspicuous consumption! I guess Calah and I will watch the ball drop and then I'll go to bed.
Wow! I never thought I'd be this boring!!


jendoop said...

I felt the same way about New Years, with the exception of children missing. How did I get so boring? Probably since I'm the one to cook and clean if we have a party.

Glad Christmas was good even without the longed for gifts. Your little guy is so cute. It's got to be nice when your grown up daughter does something so perfect for you!

jendoop said...

OK Care Bear, I'm getting sick of seeing your New Years post. Let's hear it, I know you've got something to say about something. The inauguration had to bring up some kind of feelings. Or just tell me you hate winter.