Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How do you break your child's heart?

Kian has been talking about getting a Wii for Christmas since August when we visited with Uncle Matt. It was going to be his only gift due to low financial reserves. We didn't get it. It's a long story involving bad timing and a curse put on my father by a gypsy when he was in the service!
So how do I explain that to my darling 5 year old who Believes? How do I break his heart when he comes down on Christmas morning and doesn't see his
"red-rider bb gun" under the tree? This being a Mom thing is so hard...
You want to focus on the True Meaning of Christmas, but still it's about gifts. Gifts are my love language, it's how I show my love and I love finding and choosing the perfect gift. I love imagining the looks on the faces of those whom I love when they see their wonderful gift.
So I hope there are no tears tomorrow from him or me and I hope that in time he will forget about this Christmas, because it's very rare that I still think about the Christmas when all I really wanted was Baby Tender Love and she didn't come under the tree.


Sara said...

Oh I'm so sorry. Darn it. I hope it all went well. You are such a tender mom. I love seeing how much you love your kids.

jendoop said...

Update us all on how it went. The Santa ideal feels impossible to acheive. That is a long time for a kid his age to keep focus on something.