Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Twilight the movie

Well, I did it...I went and saw the movie based on the book. I hate doing that and I wasn't going to. It all started with "Playgroup" and the plan for all of us to go together. I was following the crowd, I admit it. Sadly the plan for 8 moms to go see the teen movie in the midst of over-heated hormones fell through, but by then my girls were convinced that I HAD to see it and they were willing to sit through another viewing just so I wouldn't have to go alone. Wow, what great girls have I?!I was in as long as there was popcorn... So I have to say the first 20 minutes or so were the cheesiest most "angsty" thing I have seen on the big screen since Dermot Mulroney fell in love with his step-sister Megan Followes in 1986, but I digress.
For the most part I liked it and by the most I mean Edward and James (the BAD vampire). I was not hip on the casting which was one of the main reasons for not wanting to see it. The people in it are never what you had imagined and seldom are they better than you had imagined. This is who I wanted as Edward and let's face it, no girl would have been good enough for him unless it was me at 17...

But I did enjoy it and it followed the book fairly well. It was still definitely a teen flick,but you're only as old as you feel and last night I felt pretty young :-) And I guess I too would sacrifice and see it again if one of my friends hasn't been able to see it yet! I know...I'm so nice.

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jendoop said...

I saw it with my teen and throroughly enjoyed it because I was with her and not my adult friends. If I went with fully grown women I would have criticized too harshly instead of feeling young and giddy.