Friday, December 19, 2008

Sees Chocolates

We don't have See's Candies out here in the midwest (well, there was a little shop at the old airport, not sure about now).
Anyway, I think it is better chocolate than even Godiva.
When we were kids we would go to my Aunt Willie's around Christmas and she always had a big box of See's. The kids always got the Molasses Chips. I liked them, they were quite a treat. When I got older I remember thinking "Hey we got jipped! There are WAY better chocolates than Molasses Chips!" And I didn't eat a Chip for years.
This year we got two boxes from Doug's parents--one Milk chocolate and one Dark chocolate. I've decided that Molasses Chips aren't so bad after all.
Yay for See's Candies...I love that white store!

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Jenny said...

My husbands grandparents give out boxes of sees candies for every birthday and Christmas. I love them! My favorite is the Scotch Mallow-I think that is what it's called. caramel covered marshmallow dipped in dark chocolate. yum!